Sri Lanka is a wildlife lover’s dream: from reptiles to birds, mammals to rich marine life, this island has unbelievable diversity! Our adventure in Sri Lanka begins on the beaches of the south coast, with an optional visit to the Hikkaduwa Turtle Sanctuary. Take time to explore Sri Lanka’s pristine tropical beaches, wade in the surf, spot dolphins and whales, and simply relax in the pleasant seaside atmosphere. We’ll enjoy traditional Sri Lankan foods and flavours, and get to know one another before we travel further on our journey.

From the beach, we venture to Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a national park and official UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Sinharaja boasts over 20 of the 26 bird species endemic to Sri Lanka, including the Sri Lanka blue magpie. There are an abundance of reptiles (over 45) and amphibians as well, including green pit vipers, kraits, and tree frogs. In addition, one can see barking deer, civet cats, and mongoose in this richly forested habitat.

Our journey takes us further into Yala National Park, a semi-arid preserve that shelters over 44 varieties of mammal and 215 species of birds. Yala is an excellent site to view big mammals: it proudly claims the largest concentration of leopards in the world! In addition, there are elephants, sloth bears, sambars, and crocodiles, not to mention an abundance of bird and reptile life. We will enjoy an in-depth safari with knowledgeable guides, and relax at a nearby guesthouse in the evening.

From here, travelers can continue to explore Sri Lanka on their own, or journey back to Colombo to catch ongoing flights home.

Accommodations on our journey to Sri Lanka are simple yet comfortable, in close proximity to the natural areas we visit. This adventure presents an excellent opportunity for wildlife education, viewing, photography, and exposure. We hope you’ll join us!


  • Jeep safari into Yala National Park in search of leopards, elephants, crocodiles, sloth bears
  • Trek into Sinharaja Biosphere, a world biodiversity hotspot, to view rare and endemic wildlife
  • Trekking into the Rainforest
  • Visit to the turtle sanctuary near Hikkaduwa to learn about sea turtles and marine biology
  • Camera trapping to document elusive wildlife
  • Easy-to-moderate trekking


(Participants might observe)


Sri lankan Leopard, Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Jackal, Wild Boar, Sambhar!

Sri Lankan jungle fowl, Crested Serpent eagle, Crested Hawk Eagle, Black necked stork, Painted stork, Bee eaters and many more!

Mugger Crocodile, Salt water Crocodile, Monitor Lizards, Spectacle Cobra, Russel's Viper.