Quotes I experienced an amazing treck in Ladakh with Neerav. His knowledge and skills about nature in general, animals and mountain helped us to enjoy safely our walk. We were lucky enough to explore some new trails, meet local people from the valley, observe wild life and amazing landscapes. And humanly speaking it was just great: lots of fun, we learnt many things... Can't wait to meet you again and go trecking ! Benjamin Quotes
Awesome experience

Quotes We had a fantastic experience with Neerav on a 3 day trek through the Himalayan mountains in Leh. We crossed paths with Neerav on the bus from Delhi to Manali, as we were both en route to Leh. He took us under his wing from the get go and mentioned his expertise in leading treks in the region. We were a natural fit to continue our paths together. After spending a few days together in Manali wE took a bus together to the town of Leh. From there he organized a three day trek up and down the surrounding Himalayan mountains. During our trek he frequently pointed out mountain wildlife (Chukar's, falcons, snakes, mountain felines, etc) that would typically go unnoticed to the untrained eye. We were on the hunt to spot the elusive snow leopard, however we didn't have any luck. Both nights we had homestay type accommodations, which really added to the experience as we were cooked traditional local meals by the locals. Overall, Neerav was more than just a guide for us he became a lifetime frien Quotes
James and Mollie
Unforgettable Experience

Quotes Neerav created learning opportunities for our varied age group with a deep message that to connect with nature is to connect with our own element. Scaly Trails arranged a trip to National Desert Park and luckily I could join it because my 11yr old son Jayant was keen to join it. It was indeed a great learning opportunity round the clock, the stay with a Rajput family at their farmhouse in Ranisar made us feel at home; and even at resort in Khuri we were offered the best food one could ever imagine. I too had my moments of learning during day and at night; a night on the sand dunes; interaction with locals; local sightseeing; and close encounter with the wild in the wild. It was indeed better than my earlier visit to Jaisalmer almost a decade ago. Quotes
Professor , M D University

Quotes My experience with Scaly Trail's Desert Ecological Expedition in Rajasthan was unforgettable: from the camel ride into the silent dunes of Khuri Village in the Thar Desert, to numerous wildlife explorations and photography opportunities to observe rare species of migratory birds and unique reptiles, this trip far exceeded my expectations! More than just another tour, Scaly Trail's expedition allowed me the opportunity to deeply engage with the natural environment and people of the Thar. Neerav brought extensive herpetological experience and freely shared his knowledge of reptile identification and wildlife behaviour with our group, and we learned how to identify and safely observe species such as saw-scaled vipers, monitor lizards, mongooses, green bee-eaters, spotted owlets, and many more! Quotes