Who We Are

Scaly Trails is a wildlife conservation organisation that strongly believes in education as a vital tool for conserving our ecosystems and diverse wildlife. Scaly Trails’ mission is to educate people about wildlife and their conservation, especially of the lesser-known and most feared fauna -- reptiles -- and to debunk the myths about these creatures that lead to their destruction and ongoing conflicts with human communities. Scaly Trails believes that by creating awareness about these reptiles & other wildlife and the need for their protection, both human and animal communities will thrive.

Scaly Trails raises awareness and promotes wildlife conservation in the following ways:

Current Projects:

  • Reaching Out through Ecotourism: Scaly Trails leads private tours that are designed to provide experiential education and meaningful encounters with the natural world.

  • Working with Schools: Today’s children are the generations that will play an indispensable role in future conservation. Through workshops, educational programs, and experiential ecotourism, Scaly Trails provides opportunities for youth to identify the ways in which they can promote positive change in their own communities.

  • Initiating and Promoting Wildlife Research : Although India has a great diversity of reptiles and amphibians, relatively little is known about them. Scaly Trails is committed to contributing to research efforts and networking with other researchers in order to develop more comprehensive data and knowledge of reptiles and amphibians.

  • Engaging Communities: Through collaborative and respectful partnerships, Scaly Trails works with communities to promote ecological awareness and develop community-based conservation initiatives. Key issues addressed frequently include human-animal conflict and snake bite management.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Compiling, Publishing, and Distributing Data: Scaly Trails is dedicated to making research data about the reptiles and amphibians of India more widely available through publication and online outreach.

  • Activism, Lobbying, and Conservation: Through education and partnerships with other conservation organizations, Scaly Trails promotes wildlife awareness and conservation on a local and global scale.

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